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Cloud computing and Virtualisation PDF Print E-mail

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is receiving great interest from the service industry owing to its pay-as-you-use billing model for IT services. It is the equivalent of a pay-per-unit utility service such as water or gas, delivered over an Internet browser. It carries much appeal to businesses dependent on IT services but lacking the resource or skill set for the infrastructure deployment and maintenance.


Vital is at the forefront of this growing trend and has partnered with significant industry players to deliver cloud computing services to clients.


If you would like further information on the suitability of this service for your business, Vital has a solutions team waiting to offer you advice.


Virtualisation is now established as a more viable and efficient approach to data centre IT environments than the dedicated server set up.


Enterprises that have migrated from dedicated to virtualisation have slashed their server footprint by a quarter, accounting for huge savings on hardware costs and maintenance.


To find out if your business would benefit from a switch to virtualisation, contact the Vital Solutions team who will step you through the entire process.

Mastering the Science of Operations PDF Print E-mail

Congratulations to Vital’s Head of Operations, Michael Hampton who has completed the Degree of Master of Science in Computing postgraduate qualification with the Open University.


The part-time postgraduate course allowed Michael to maintain full-time work during his University course. Vital’s assistance for Michael included study breaks during work hours, time off for exams and financial assistance for the courses.


Michael believes the Masters has helped him to communicate his ideas more effectively, increase his understanding of current technologies and develop a greater understanding of system management and monitoring.


Michael is now a professional member of the British Computer Society. Vital wishes him well for the future.

Bob’s vital visits PDF Print E-mail

When Vital CEO Bob Wright started giving blood over 25 years ago, it was soon discovered that he was a very special donor.


For tests showed that Brentwood-based Bob’s blood contained the right amounts of plasma and platelets, essential in so many forms of treatment for serious blood disorders, especially among the young.


Bob, who visits the Brentwood National Blood Service clinic every three weeks for his vital contribution, explained that he is connected to ‘something like a dialysis machine’. Then a quantity of blood is extracted and treated to separate the plasma and platelets before the remaining blood is mixed with distilled water mixture and returned into his system.


“Everyone who can should give blood,” said Bob a father of two. “Not everyone can provide plasma or platelets, which provide a kick-start in the production of bone marrow, vital in the treatment of conditions like Leukaemia.”


The importance of platelets?

Platelets, which stop bleeding, are given to patients unable to produce enough of their owns in their bone marrow. Patients with leukaemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment. Also, after major surgery or extensive injury, patients may need platelet transfusions to replace those lost through bleeding. As platelets can only be stored for a few days, regular and frequent donors are essential.

Plasma explained

Fresh frozen plasma is used after obstetric loss of blood (usually childbirth), during cardiac surgery, and to reverse any anti-coagulant treatment. It's also used to replace clotting factors after massive transfusions or when they are not being sufficiently produced, such as liver disease.

Quick off the Mark PDF Print E-mail

Vital Solutions Development Manager, Mark Calvert, provided the first employer talk at the IT Diploma Induction event at Park Royal.


Mark introduced assembled students to the world of data centres and their importance within the infrastructure of the ever-expanding IT industry.


The day-long event was part of the Ealing and Hillingdon Education Business Partnership  (EHEBP) which brings together people from education, business and employers from the two boroughs to provide information and opportunities for young people and the community.


Mark also spoke about the essential need for data integrity as well as potential benefits, problems and solutions accorded with progress towards more energy-efficient, greener systems.


“I tried to engage the students on issues surrounding the internet, its uses, its value, its problems and its future. I was interested in introducing them to an internet data centre as well as hearing their thoughts and expectations,” explained Mark.


“We discussed Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Bebo, Halfords and what those sites physically represented in terms of hardware, software, and applications.  I tried to keep things brief and to the point, and was impressed with the students’ thoughts. There were some good thinkers there.


“After the talks we did some problem-solving exercises. It was good to see that some of the students were able to apply logic and reasoning and were good at thinking alternatively to solve the problems.


“Over all, it proved a positive experience for me and I hope I didn't scare too many students away!”


Students also heard from an IT consultant who spoke about the industry from an upper-level business perspective and working with customers to provide solutions to ‘real world’ problems. Finally, a computer company spokesman talked of the importance of networking and the increasing need for virtualisation and cloud networks.


The IT Diploma has been delivered in Ealing schools since the beginning of September and is looking to host Industry taster days to give IT Diploma students an insight into careers and opportunities available in this sector.


Vital features prominently on the apprenticeship agenda as one of the leading companies for apprentice placements for 18-25-year-olds in the IT industry each year.


Vital hosts the EHEBP within the London Park Royal office and CEO Bob Wright is also a director on the board at EHEBP.


Steve’s winning formation PDF Print E-mail

After a hard week’s work keeping Vital’s finances in working order,  you would think Steve Clare would be looking forward to putting his feet up and a trawl through the Sunday papers.


But that couldn’t be further from the truth for Finance Director Steve who manages his son’s Under 10 football team. Steve, who holds a Level One coaching badge, admits to being victim of a bit of ‘emotional blackmail’ being responsible for him doing the job.



Meadow FC and Manager Steve Clare


“It was either that or see my son Nicholas’s team disband through lack of a manager and we just couldn’t let that happen as the boys all love playing.”


Steve is also getting things right on the pitch as the team, Meadow Youth, won their opening Blackwater and Dengie League fixture 10-0. “Just another 21 fixtures to go and then I’ll be able to put my feet up, maybe, said Steve, whose elder son, Niall, plays for the club’s Under 11 team.


Steve, obviously happy with his backroom role, is pictured with the team proudly showing their sponsor’s name


Vital also has a keen interest in youth progress in sport and currently sponsors teenager George Artemi  in his budding football career with  Blue Square Conference Premier team Rushden & Diamonds.


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