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The requirement for monitoring unwanted email has never been more necessary. Email viruses have evolved over the past ten years into sophisticated and highly dangerous packages, with the ability to disable not only your desktop PC but also to cripple your network services and connections to the outside world. Meanwhile, the exponential rise in spam has caused severe operational headaches as administrators try to stem the tide of inward messages while securing the delivery of genuine email and effectively managing servers and mailboxes. Vital's email security suite offers a comprehensive email management and anti-virus/anti-spam solution to safeguard your infrastructure and to promote enhanced operational efficiency.


  • Free health check for your website.
  • Real-time virus detection and clean-up for all email traffic.
  • Blocks spam, which clogs up servers and can seriously affect speed of internet access.
  • Fully compatible with many leading firewall systems.
  • Customised warning messages sent to sender, recipients and administrator.
  • Virus signatures updated automatically at least every 24 hours.
  • Security specialist on call 24/7 to respond to virus incidents.
  • Certified by the ICSA security agency.

  • Secure - full protection from all known email viruses.
  • Reliable - eliminates nearly all junk mail.
  • Flexible - automatic, scheduled or one-button pattern file updates provide multiple ways to keep protection up-to-date.
  • Fast - on-hand technical support to respond immediately to potential virus alerts.
  • Peace of mind - know that your email transactions are free of potentially harmful or damaging content.

For more information on Email Security, please call our Sales Team on 020 7903 8720.


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