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I am impressed with Ethernet First Mile (EFM). We have a customer that likes to share large media files and SDSL just wasn’t up to the job. They asked us our options and we suggested EFM. We installed it for them and they are more than happy with the service. Its a good price too [...]


Vital can provide Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreements (SPLA) to its UK Hosting customers. We can provide a range of flexible, pay per use software licensing solutions from a range of Microsoft products. Pricing is set in January and fixed for the year. All licensing comes inclusive of Software Assurance, so you can be sure [...]


It is important to remember that when you register a .uk domain, you do not officially “own” the domain name. Instead, the domain name is registered for you for a period of time. In the past the longest you could register/renew a domain name was 2 years. Nominet has now allowed for a longer registered [...]


We have just started a Trial Offer for FREE Hosting and Technical Consultancy for short term contracts. Click here for more information: Start Date: July 2012 Valid until Sept 2012 * Ref Code: BC/HOST/09/2012  


Vital has been providing network and colo services in London for over 15 years. Vital has a support team that collectively has over 105 years of IT and network experience. This experience covers security and encryption, telephony services, server support, software development and data network design, build and management. The team has a broad pool of talent drawn [...]


Every day, companies lose their domain names by accident because they failed to renew domain names that were registered by employees or even contractors who are no longer around. In the 21st century your domain name is now the single most important and unique communication portal for your customers and your company, whether that is [...]


Dormant domains – Many of the registered domains are seldom, if ever, visited. (Many are nothing more than a parked page, and there to “protect” the business name.) Two letter acronyms – All 676 possible two-letter sequences (for instance for an acronym or abbreviation) are all taken. Even allowing for digit variations, allowing 1296 combination [...]


On 20th June 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved the plan to introduce one of the biggest changes in Internet naming history by dramatically increasing the number of Internet domain name endings from the current 22 which includes the popular .com, .org and .net. These Internet domain name endings are [...]