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I am impressed with Ethernet First Mile (EFM). We have a customer that likes to share large media files and SDSL just wasn’t up to the job. They asked us our options and we suggested EFM. We installed it for them and they are more than happy with the service. Its a good price too [...]


Vital offers co-location services from our London-based ISO accredited data centres, leaving you to retain full or partial responsibility for choice of hardware, fully integrated into our advanced infrastructure, but without all those high installation costs.   BENEFITS Reliable: all power and infrastructure systems have guaranteed minimum uptimes,  supported by a N+1 design criteria   Secure: Both [...]


Vital has been providing network and colo services in London for over 15 years. Vital has a support team that collectively has over 105 years of IT and network experience. This experience covers security and encryption, telephony services, server support, software development and data network design, build and management. The team has a broad pool of talent drawn [...]


If you are finding that your IT requirements and data centre needs are putting a strain on your valuable business resources, you may wish to consider colocation. Out sourcing your data centre will enable you to work at your own business without distractions safe in the confidence that your valuable data will be stored in [...]


If you have made the decision to transfer your data centre to an off site secure location and use a colocation service for your IT needs, the next decision must be to find a location and company. This is not as easy as you may think. Colocation is a booming business and there is a [...]


Colocation is the secret behind many great businesses. After all not many companies, have the space and resources to host their own data centre. Physical space, bandwidth and the cost of maintaining a secure technological service is a specialised business that is otherwise unrelated to the day-to-day running of a business network. No wonder many [...]


Whatever your type of business, the truth is that as your business expands, so the amount of data and information held by your company grows as well. Today all businesses rely on their servers in order to maintain a stable internet connection and to enable constant access to their data  for up to the minute [...]


As with every other industry, the world of colocation has massively different prices wherever you look. Some companies will offer what seems to be an unbeatable price, while others will offer prices that seem to be higher than you could ever have possibly expected. Choosing a colocation company isn’t simply a case of finding the [...]


Every single business online today needs to know that they have web hosting that can provide them with perfect service, as it is the host that ultimately decides how much access people can have to a site. If the hosting is unreliable, people will not be able to access the site and lots of money [...]


People are using colocation services more and more as the months wear on, as the cost of them is dropping and people are therefore more inclined to take the plunge and protect their servers in a much more robust way. For those who are still undecided about whether to go ahead with the move to [...]