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I am impressed with Ethernet First Mile (EFM). We have a customer that likes to share large media files and SDSL just wasn’t up to the job. They asked us our options and we suggested EFM. We installed it for them and they are more than happy with the service. Its a good price too [...]


“Vital have upgraded the core networking equipment in its network. This has entailed upgrading the processor capabilities and memory of the core routers that provide the BGP routing function for the business. At the same time the upstream and WAN ports were changed to Gbit capability. The work was done in several small windows over [...]


Vital has been providing network and colo services in London for over 15 years. Vital has a support team that collectively has over 105 years of IT and network experience. This experience covers security and encryption, telephony services, server support, software development and data network design, build and management. The team has a broad pool of talent drawn [...]


Dear Vital Customers, As you will be aware the UK will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympics Games and a number of major events this year. During these periods Vital will be operating on a “Business as Usual” basis. From 25th July to 9th September Olympics and Paralympics Route Networks will be in operation, [...]


If you are finding that your IT requirements and data centre needs are putting a strain on your valuable business resources, you may wish to consider colocation. Out sourcing your data centre will enable you to work at your own business without distractions safe in the confidence that your valuable data will be stored in [...]


Data centres are something that many people haven’t heard of, but they are actually the secret behind many large companies’ and governments’ success. They are basically businesses that provide storage space for servers and other important electronic items, with the goal being to have them stored in an area that not only has the space [...]