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Summer 2012 London Olympic Statement by Vital

Dear Vital Customers,

As you will be aware the UK will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympics Games and a number of major events this year. During these periods Vital will be operating on a “Business as Usual” basis.

From 25th July to 9th September Olympics and Paralympics Route Networks will be in operation, leading to possible lane closures across some core routes in Greater London and the surrounding areas. It is anticipated that certain underground and overland train journeys may take longer than usual. We recommend visitors to our Datacentres allow extra time for their journey throughout this time.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider utilizing our Smart Hands services, which is available 24 x 7 and can be arranged by contacting our Customer Service and Support Team.

Key Dates affecting certain sites:-

London Park Royal:

A40 Western Avenue and A406 North Circular Road

Events at Wembley, 28th July to 12th August, most events 08:30-23:00

London City area:

Throughout the entire period, there are likely to be delays on the Underground tube network at peak times, 07:30-10:00 and 16:00-20:00.

Aside from the Olympics and Paralympics, there will be a number of other major events taking place that will have a direct impact on the UK’s internet network infrastructure. The events being as follows:-

•    HRH The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – June 4th and 5th

•    Euro 2012 Football Championships – June 8th to July 1st

•    Wimbledon 2012 – June 25th to July 8th
•    The Open Golf Championship – July 19th to 22nd
•    The Olympic Games – July 27th to August 12th
•    The Paralympics Games – August 29th to September 9th

The main emphasis will relate to bandwidth management of our network. It is evident from our previous experience in managing similar sporting and news events over the last few years; that the demand for internet bandwidth will increase.

As of the beginning of February 2012, a number of our suppliers are finalising arrangements, primarily for the Olympics as these have the greatest impact. The current views are as follows:-

Provisioning Activity

The latest feedback received illustrates that the major impact is going to be seen in the London area from as soon as early March.  Transport for London has advised all suppliers that street works along key Olympic routes will be suspended between then and the completion of the Paralympics.  In addition to this, the general increase in security means that we expect delays for any services requiring civil engineering in the remainder of London or in locations outside of London where Olympic events are being held (e.g. Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Coventry and Weymouth).  Increased security measures are also expected to impact site access, including but not limited to restrictions to carrier hotels, underground cable routing, and points of presence, especially in the East London area.

We are expecting severe delays to Ethernet provisioning in the city and close surrounding areas, also near any Olympic venues.  Our recommendation at this time is to order any London circuits you need as soon as possible and set a realistic expectation with your Customer.  Bear in mind that the product you are selecting may well have a bearing on the level of delay experienced, for example EFM sites with available copper may be less susceptible to delay than Fibre orders.

We are not expecting DSL provisioning to be directly affected for the majority of the country, however access to larger London exchanges maybe restricted and therefore delay any DSL orders.  It should also be noted that there is also a possibility of provisioning delays on Ethernet and DSL outside of London, where resilient routes traverse the country.  Copper provisioning will be subject to the same restrictions seen above for Ethernet, so plan well in advance.

Assurance Activity

The majority of suppliers are advising that they will be going into special measures and in some cases network freezes.  These measures are to assure service during the busiest periods (primarily the Olympics) and the majority of infrastructure projects will be on hold.  In general the carriers are doing everything they can to maintain high service levels as close to business as usual as possible.  This will likely be seen in provisioning restrictions but there is a possibility of the security restrictions impeding repair efforts, primarily in the London area.  Actual terms of restriction and SLA changes are yet to be published by the majority of suppliers and we will update you in due course.

The main point to note here is that the TfL embargo on red route works is going to severely impact fibre or copper repairs in that area.  We may have to issue an MBORC (matters beyond our reasonable control) for any physical Ethernet faults affected, we will confirm in later communications.

Bandwidth Management (DSL)

This aspect is critical for all of the aforementioned events as previously mentioned, increased demand is expected and has been anticipated by Vital. As usual, the likely noticeable impact will be in streaming media applications.

Bandwidth Management (Ethernet)

Bandwidth is reserved both in our network and our suppliers, to ensure that no degradation of on-net services is encountered.  Further analysis of indirect bandwidth impact is on-going, with examination taking place relating to Internet transit and peering capacity.  Again more information will follow in due course.

Vital will continues to provide updates as and when significant changes occur in the lead up to and throughout the duration of the Games which may have an impact on our sites, we appreciate your support during this period.



Customer Service Manger,

Vital Group


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