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Archive for April, 2012

Dear Vital Customers, As you will be aware the UK will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympics Games and a number of major events this year. During these periods Vital will be operating on a “Business as Usual” basis. From 25th July to 9th September Olympics and Paralympics Route Networks will be in operation, [...]


Tutis Point is located in Docklands London and comprises 20,000 square feet of net technical space.     It has the latest, high specification telecommunications equipment and network solutions that have been installed to ensure customers receive a secure and highly scalable, high-speed service with the best possible connections to global telecommunications networks.     Docklands [...]


Taiwan’ unique advantages for IDC, comparing with HK, Singapore, Korea or JP: Located in geographical centre from North Asia, SEA  and China. Meaning even RTT to all countries in Asia (Performance  ) Lowest electricity cost (Cost   ) – critical to Data Center Lowest IDC rental cost (Cost   ) Lowest cost in manpower and living [...]