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Colocation at a Secure London Data Centre

If you are finding that your IT requirements and data centre needs are putting a strain on your valuable business resources, you may wish to consider colocation. Out sourcing your data centre will enable you to work at your own business without distractions safe in the confidence that your valuable data will be stored in the best possible way. You will not have to worry about maintaining connectivity or investing in expensive equipment to ensure that you never go off line.

Your data centre will ensure that your equipment is hosted in a safe environment and will remain connected even in the event of serious natural disasters such as fire of flooding.  Even without major disasters, preserving connectivity can be a problem for most businesses. A data centre with its multiple connections via fibre optic cables will keep you online 24/7. In addition, a data centre has the expertise and manpower to deal with any unforeseen problems that would result in many companies experiencing long term down time.

Calling in your own IT staff to deal with problems over the weekend, Christmas or in the middle of the night adds to your wages bill and does not provide the same round the clock back up as a data centre.

As well as maintaining connectivity 24/7 every day of the year, out sourcing you data centre offers you more than simple colocation. You can call on a range of extra services and experts to improve your network design and improve your performance while addressing any issues regarding online security, communications ecommerce and services.

Hacking is big business and keeping your network safe, and your customers secure and safe in the knowledge that your business is completely bullet proof will inspire customer confidence. Although from a business angle, we consider that the data centre holds your company’s vital information; your customers have to trust you to hold their personal and financial information too. Having this security compromised could be disastrous for the reputation of your business and have severe repercussions for your individual customers as well.

Whether you are the owner of a large multimillion company or run a much smaller business, a data centre will help you maximise your business. You can rent rack space or even part of a rack or extend this to larger racking space as your business expands. Larger companies can rent a range of racks or even a suite. At a high quality colocation centre, all sizes of businesses are catered for and you will receive personal expert advice from the trained enterprise unit should you want it.

If you are a UK based business why not visit a data centre yourself? London has become one of the major data centres of the World.. A top class data centre should not only physically store your server space but also provide valuable IT back up. Choosing the right data centre and finding out exactly what they can do for your business will leave you space to concentrate on what you are good at.

Just like your own business – whatever type it is, providing the best possible service for your customers is what you are good at. A data centre’s business is focused on IT security and connectivity and is what they best at. Choosing to store your data centre in London where it is run by experts could be the smartest business move you could make.


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