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Archive for March, 2012

A New Breed of Internet Data Center in New York Cervalis’ new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility is equipped with industry leading hardware, software and communications equipment. The 70,000-squarefoot building is located in Dutchess County, New York, which is centrally located to provide easy access to major metropolitan businesses. New York Data Centre This site is comprised of: 40,000 square feet of [...]


Every day, companies lose their domain names by accident because they failed to renew domain names that were registered by employees or even contractors who are no longer around. In the 21st century your domain name is now the single most important and unique communication portal for your customers and your company, whether that is [...]


Vital is based in London UK. They offer the best of the best in internet services and data backup. You no longer have to struggle to find that one company to meet all of your data security needs without breaking the bank, because Vital has one internet service that does it all. If you are [...]


Dormant domains – Many of the registered domains are seldom, if ever, visited. (Many are nothing more than a parked page, and there to “protect” the business name.) Two letter acronyms – All 676 possible two-letter sequences (for instance for an acronym or abbreviation) are all taken. Even allowing for digit variations, allowing 1296 combination [...]


If you are finding that your IT requirements and data centre needs are putting a strain on your valuable business resources, you may wish to consider colocation. Out sourcing your data centre will enable you to work at your own business without distractions safe in the confidence that your valuable data will be stored in [...]