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Why Colocation is the Secret Tool for Business

Colocation is the secret behind many great businesses. After all not many companies, have the space and resources to host their own data centre. Physical space, bandwidth and the cost of maintaining a secure technological service is a specialised business that is otherwise unrelated to the day-to-day running of a business network. No wonder many large businesses have chosen to use a datacentre for their server and IT support.

Choosing to store data at a specialised data centre offers a professional cost effective solution that will support your business. The colocation business is booming because it is an essential part of the IT world. A specialised data centre only focuses on the safe storage of your vital information. By contrast, the attention of a health , insurance or retail business for example is focused on business and NOT focused on the maintenance of the data centre.

A big business choosing to keep their data centre in house is rather like a prestigious car manufacturer getting involved in road building. After all, without the roads, the cars would not be able to drive anywhere but it is not their area of expertise, no matter how many experts they hire! However, with the first explosion of the IT world, this was the only option for major companies who had to evolve and change in order to take their place on the world stage of business. They had no choice but to establish their own data centres in order to keep their servers running.

Today things have changed. The advent of colocation has freed business from the need to install and maintain expensive equipment in their own premises. Instead data centres have sprung up all over the world and provide exactly the same specialised care for your valuable information from a remote location. A level of service that was previously only obtained by the biggest companies who could afford it.

A data centre will offer state of the art facilities plus a wide choice of connectivity options all for a fixed monthly investment. This means that your company will not have to pay for vital and technological upgrades. In addition, in these times of economic recession and reduced budgets a data centre will save money, a valuable consideration for all businesses.

One of the major centres of excellence in colocation is London. Here you will find numerous companies offering data center support whether you need a rack, several racks or a suite. Typically serviced by multiple fibre optic connections and uninterruptible power supplies you will be able to maintain a stable connection with virtually zero downtime guaranteed. Your equipment is stored in racks and is protected by 24hr security plus it is placed in the perfect environment for performance and safety. Your servers are kept at an even optimum temperature and the premises are flood and fire proof, ensuring that your data centre will keep your information 100% secure.

Whether you are based in the UK, Europe, America or Asia save time and money and help your business flourish with colocation.


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